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Total Chaos

Following the successful reception of their 10th full album ‘World of Insanity’ the band carry on touring worldwide as been doing for the last 27 years, playing shows in the U.S., South America, Australia, Europe and Asia touring with every major act in punk and hardcore like Rancid, Bad Religion, Agnostic Front, The Offspring, Blink 182, Pennywise, Adolescents, The Casualties, The Exploited , Conflict, Misfits, Leftover Crack and so on playing between 100 and 150 shows a year for many different audiences in every major event like Is Not Dead Festival, Ruhrportt Rodeo, Rebellion Festival, Endless Summer, Mighty Sounds, Rock en el parque and tours, Warped Tour to name a few.

Total Chaos have been in several record labels since they were signed by Epitaph and featured in hundreds of magazines including Rolling Stones. Also have a fan base of over 200K based on Facebook and a response of their loyal fans with over 300K record sales.

Back to 1989, in California, Total Chaos decided it was time to start revitalising the scene to save a dying genre of punk rock during a time when the market was saturated with a more commercial new style. They found the songs they’d written clearly show the impact of the message and the power of the response by the followers with riots in some cities and states after their performances. These songs culminated in a diverse collection of 5 EPs, 10 LP and various compilations recorded from 1991 to 2015. Musically, Total Chaos both polished and expanded their punk rock beginnings approaching a more crossover punk hardcore thrash style, retaining their straightforward message of pro-unity, pro-activism and strong stand against war and global domination from bankers.

In scope and composition, “World of Insanity” is a more daring and successful leap for a band that has been a top reference for street-punk and hardcore all over the world since the 90’s and following their career with their constantly heavy touring schedule are preparing for their full month US tour October / November and 2017 comes with a promising new EP ‘Streetpunk’ on the way plus another 2 month U.S. and one month European tour. A South American tour, China and Japan tour are also on the cards.

“The band always had a strong sense of delivering music to convey important political and social views as well as an undeniable approach into different styles, although punk is always the backbone, for producing slashing riff powerful compositions and shredding solos while merging them with the self-activating message of rebellion.”

LINE UP – Vocals: Rob Chaos. Guitar: Shawn Smash. Bass: Chema Zurita. Drums: Miguel Conflict


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Twisted Cross


Squatter's Song

Pledge Of Defiance

Punk No Die

Running With The Youth

Unite to Fight

Complete Control


Attack (Keep'em Down)

What You Gonna Do


Riot City

Lost Boy

Dancing On Your Grave

Fuck The System

Gomer Pyle

Boot Party


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